Social Media Marketing

About You

Your main pain points when it comes to social media management: 

  • You can't afford the high retainers and setup fees demanded by traditional agencies to manage your social media.

  • Hiring someone full-time for $50K per year is out of the question.

  • Trying to manage freelancers is exhausting and produces inconsistent, unfruitful results. 

  • You don’t have time to “DIY”, because you’re too busy running your business.

And for those who are brave enough to DIY, you still have questions..​​

  • What should I talk about?

  • What kinds of pictures should I post?

  • Where do I get graphics?

  • What's the best strategy?

  • What hashtags should I use? How do hashtags work?

  • How do I get more Instagram followers? Facebook followers?

  • How do I get more engagement?

  • How can I automate my posts?

About Us

We’ve crafted the perfect solution for you: full management of your social profiles, starting at only $269 per month. Choose from more than a dozen optional add-ons, ranging from high-growth advertising to professional photography for your profiles.


No contracts, no setup fees, no hidden fees.

Pay right on our website, and cancel anytime by shooting us an email. 

Case Studies

After one month of managing client #1's Facebook profile, we saw the following results:

2,800 in total reach

1600% in post engagement

44% increase in page clicks

174 new page likes 

53 new likes and reactions

After one month of managing client #2's Facebook profile (including our Follower Growth Service), we saw the following results:

574 new Facebook page likes

354 new Instagram followers

298 new Twitter followers

After two months of managing client #3's Facebook and Twitter profiles, we saw the following results:

323% increase in Facebook page likes

592% increase in Twitter followers

How It Works

Client Onboarding

Once you've submitted your order form, we will send you a webpage with our On-boarding instructions.


All you need to do is sign up to your new Social Dashboard and connect your Social Media Accounts. If you don’t have any Social Media Accounts set up, then we can create these for you at no extra charge.


Every client is unique, which is why we spend up to 7 days researching your business and industry. We analyze the leading competitors in your industry to decide on the most effective social media strategy.


Instead of a "trial and error" approach, we do thorough research from the very start and incorporate this knowledge into our strategy.

Content Creation

After we feel we've gotten a good grasp of your industry, this is when we'll start creating your social media posts! You will be sent a preview before anything goes live.


If you choose to add a Facebook advertising budget to your package, you will be sent a preview 7 – 14 days after your first social media posts go live.

Monthly Analytics

You need to know the ROI of our services, which is why we send you detailed monthly reports of how we're doing on your social platforms.


These reports will show you exactly how many people we have reached, how many followers and likes we have generated, and much more!

Social Media Packages

No contracts. No setup fees. No hidden fees. Cancel anytime.

Package A - $329
Package B - $629
Package C - $929
7 Facebook Posts Per Week
7 Facebook Posts Per Week
7 Facebook Posts Per Week
7 Twitter Posts Per Week
7 Twitter Posts Per Week
7 Twitter Posts Per Week
Social Account Setup
 5 Instagram Posts Per Week
5 Instagram Posts Per Week
Increase In Reach
Social Account Setup
2 Pinterest Posts Per Week
Monthly Progress Report
Increase In Reach
5 LinkedIn Posts Per Week
No Setup Fee
Detailed Competitor Research
5 Google Posts Per Week
Secure Payment
Monthly Progress Report
$50 of Facebook Ads
Cancel Any Time
No Setup Fee
Social Account Setup
14 Day Money Back Guarantee
Secure Payment
Increase In Reach
Cancel Any Time
Detailed Competitor Research
14 Day Money Back Guarantee
Monthly Progress Report
No Setup Fee
Secure Payment
Cancel Any Time
14 Day Money Back Guarantee


How do I get started?

Once you have signed up online, we will contact you within 24 hours with our Onboarding Instructions. Once that's complete, we'll move into the Research Phase. Once we have researched your business and industry in-depth, we'll start creating your first week of social media posts. We'll then email you with a preview of your first week of posts. You can either ask for revisions or simply approve the posts.

What type of content will you post?

This depends on your business and industry, but here are some examples of common topics and themes: Tips and tricks Custom banners and graphics Promotional posts related to your products or services Popular industry news and articles Famous quotes and motivation National awareness days Seasonal posts Images and videos Blog posts Questions

How do you increase my followers?

Unlike our competitors, we don’t use bots to increase your following. These bots only attract fake followers that are artificially generated, not real people who want to engage with your brand. We focus on attracting profiles that match your target audience demographic. We do this in two ways: 1. Facebook Advertising: Facebook has a unique algorithm that favors paid content, so for us to grow your audience on this platform we need a small advertising budget. The good news is that this can be as little as $60 per month, but the more you invest the better the results. 2. Follower Growth Service: We have a growth team that will manually log in to your Instagram and Twitter accounts every working day, following and liking relevant profiles/content which serves to increase your targeted reach and followers.

Can I still post to my social media pages?

Of course! After all, they are your social media pages.You are free to post as much as you like, and it won't conflict with our posting (as long as you don't delete any of our posts ;).

How long will it take before you start posting?

Once we get all your information through client onboarding, it will take no longer than 7 days before we send you a preview of your first week of social media posts.

Do I need to sign a contract?

No contracts here! If you decide that you don’t want to continue with our services, just shoot us an email and we'll stop payment and services straight away.

Do I need to provide any content?

Nope, we don't need any content from you! However, we will set up a shared Dropbox folder in case you have any images or videos you'd like us to post for you.

How many followers will you get my business per month?

A common misconception business owners have is that it's all about the number of followers you have, but that's not necessarily true. Most agencies will use follower bots that generate thousands of followers per month – but these are almost all fake accounts. We focus on targeting people that will really be interested in your business. The amount of targeted followers you can expect depends on your industry, the package you choose, and the quality of your content. However, to give you an example: a recent women’s clothing brand that subscribed to our services (including Facebook Advertising and our Follower Growth Service) saw 574 new Facebook page likes, 354 new Instagram followers, and 298 new Twitter followers in their first month.